Disappointment & Frustration


I just got a call from the eating disorder clinic. They wouldn’t authorize the partial hospitalization program that my team and the eating disorder clinic wanted me in. They only authorized the evening intensive outpatient program, which is 4 nights a week.

I’m frustrated and disappointed. I know the EIOP can be helpful, and I will try to make it so, but I really feel like I need the PHP right now.

I go in Monday at 1pm. Normally I’ll be going in at 4:45pm-9pm, Monday-Thursday.


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  1. Sending good vibes your way! ❤ One step at a time. I'm hosting a "post party" If you're up for it, please feel free to stop by and share with us 🙂

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  2. Fight for what you need! My mum had and illness for many years and always fought with the insurance companies. She got that she needed. Be persistent. Be a thorn in their side! I will keep you in my prayers.


  3. I hate that you know you need PHP, and insurance only approved you for IOP. So frustrating! Hang in there and get the most out of it that you can. I’ll be sending my best “insurance fairies” your way. (They are more like thoughts, less like actual fairies.)

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  4. Aw that sucks. I feel your pain. I was doing an IOP that I was really getting a lot out of, but my insurance changed with the new year, and now that don’t cover anything, not even individual therapy, which I really need! And I felt like I connected well with her, and I hate having to try to find someone new for the zillionth time and starting now over again. *sigh*


      • Nope! I had an hmo before and now it’s a ppo so if they’re not in network, I get 0 coverage. Figures, I started relapsing over the last month, so naturally I need more support! And I’m not in serious medical danger at the moment…well I mean I’m not a low weight, so I wouldn’t qualify for any kinda partial program. Im still trying to figure out my options, so maybe I’ll find something that works. Anyway, hang in there, and feel free to message me if you need support!

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  5. I am so so sorry to hear this. I imagine it is almost more painful in a way, that you were given the hope of getting into that programme of treatment, which in itself had been such a long and shaky road to get to, then it got snatched away again. That is really not fair. I’m so sorry. You are really strong. I think you’re really amazing to keep going at all when this happened. I had an experience on Friday of being offered help by one person at my hospital then it being taken right away again by the next person I saw a few minutes later and I lost it totally. I am happy that you are still going to get some help even though it is not in the ideal form. You are fighting so hard through this and this strength will really help you in your recovery. It is still just as important and you are still just as important, despite this situation xxx

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