Admissions update


Almost as soon as I submitted my last post, I got a call from the eating disorder clinic. They are recommending partial hospitalization (their highest level of care) and want me to stay in their apartments for added support. They want me to start next week. They’re waiting to hear back from my insurance to make sure I’m approved for treatment.

I’m so relieved. I’m so nervous. I’m definitely overwhelmed.

I hope my insurance cooperates. I hate that they have the power to refuse my treatment against what the professionals recommend.

My goals for this week are to just get through with my sanity, try not to think about treatment too much, and lose a little weight before I have to start work on being healthy.


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  1. That is very very good news I am very very glad for you. Look how well you have done holding on and persisting and getting help despite all these obstacles. It is really good they are recognising the support you need and that you want help and it sounds positive you will get additional help by going somewhere supported to live too. I pray your insurance approves it. I know you must have so many feelings and worries and hopes. .. I’m with you as much as I can be, wish I could really be 🙂 prayers for you…
    You’ve helped me tonight. Before I read your posts I was spiraling down out of control and doing bad stuff…now you’ve made me care about something. … thank you xxx

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  2. That is so great! It is so amazing of you to ask for help with this terrible disease and I know for a fact that it will help 100% bc of the amazing attitude you are keeping. Hope everything goes well with insurance!!!!

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