Daily Archives: January 16, 2016

National Western Stock Show


Today I went to the National Western Stock Show with a friend. It was mostly a lot of fun. The only part that I found not fun was the petting zoo. The petting zoo made me sad. All the animals in the petting zoo were so fat and obviously overfed, it made me sad. I don’t like the exploitation of animals for out enjoyment. But the rest of the stock show was fun. And, even though I didn’t understand a lot of it, we got to watch the judging of several sets of cows. I will be the first to admit that I’m a city girl. It was intriguing to see how people live and make a living that is so different from how I’ve ever lived. I got to watch several cows and bulls being showered. That was interesting. It looked very messy. There was also a great western art exhibit with some great, and some just ok, art. There were hundreds of vendors selling their wares. We didn’t buy anything, except my friend bought a pretzel while we were watching the judging of the cows.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and it was a great distraction from worrying about getting into the eating disorder clinic. The only downside was that I didn’t eat before we left, or while we were there and by the time we left I was starting to feel faint and dizzy. I was glad to leave when we finally did. I don’t regret going, though.