Feeling Down



I’m waiting at my doctor’s office for a physical assessment that’s required by the eating disorder clinic, that may not even matter since it doesn’t sound like they want to help me. But I’m determined to do whatever I can to show them I’m serious, so I’m here, waiting to be poked and prodded, have blood drawn and urine taken and tests done.

I hope it’s worth it.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time. I have had back problems for years and have constantly been brushed off and patronized. Please don’t give up! Let us all know how you’re doing. We truly care about you.

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  2. oh this health care that we have has really gotten on my damn nerves to say the least… I am in limbo on what to do about all my dr’s just so upset with how they treat you or lack there of… makes me happy that I got out of the health field when i did not by my choice i got hit in the head with a big mental pole and then all hell broke loose with my health so anyways…my dear one hang tough like i know that you are.. if you ever need to talk in private my email is on here somewhere lol.. but also on here too…keep the faith no matter what you believe in..and remember this to shall pass my dear one…huggs to you.. suzette

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  3. I’ve had many experiences like this with CAMHS, and I know how frustrating it is. Hold on in there! 🙂 The Samaritans are also a really great helpline to turn to if you’re feeling bad-of all the charities I’ve experienced, this one is certainly the best x

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  4. I can’t say I understand because I don’t live your life…the mere thought of what you are doing to yourself makes me sad. I wish I could help. Try to be optimistic, that you can do this, you are your own master, only you can decide to give yourself a chance. You deserve that chance. I wish you the best.

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  5. Massive well done for going to the physical assessment. By going through with it despite the clinic’s unsupportive attitude at the intake meeting, you are showing how much you want help and that despite their reaction you are still doing everything to follow what they have asked for their program.
    Also, whatever the clinic decides, this physical is important for you as a way to monitor your physical health. Eating disorders though considered a mental health problem, hurt you physically too and if the doctor can pick up that you need eg any mineral supplements or your heart to be monitored, they can make sure you get that. Well done for going. Hugs xxx

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