My intake assessment for the eating disorder clinic is tomorrow. I’m nervous as heck.

Since it’s tomorrow, I thought it’s probably time I should tell someone in my life that I’m seeking treatment, so I told my mom. It was HARD. I told her I had something I needed to tell her, but then it took a good 5 minutes before I could work up the courage to actually tell her what’s going on. I cried.

My mom said she suspected I was struggling, but wasn’t sure. She said she’s glad I’m seeking treatment.

I don’t like talking about myself with people. I don’t like telling people I’m going into treatment. It’s hard and uncomfortable. I think I’ll hold off telling anyone else until I know whether or not I’ll be admitted.


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  1. Well done. That’s huge. You have taken a really hard step in doing that. Most of the time I found it impossible to ask anyone for help when I was in the grip of bulimia and/or anorexia. I couldn’t even acknowledge the problem. It is really hard to say it and hard to trust anyone enough to tell them you’re seeking help. I imagine it makes you feel scared and vulnerable. Not only have you taken all the steps you can to get help and treatment you’ve dared to tell someone important to you about it. I am praying for you today as you have your intake appointment and really hope both this and your mum knowing a bit of your situation will be things that strengthen you and enable you to follow the path of recovery. Big hugs.
    Ginny xx

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