Heart concerns


My rheumatologist is concerned about my heart. She wants me to see a cardiac specialist. However, the specialist doesn’t have any openings until next month.  I should probably stop taking laxatives while I wait to find out how my heart is. I don’t know if this is an achievable goal, but I’m going to work on it.


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  1. Hi a2eternity. Up until 2009 I used to take 100 laxatives a day. I never thought I could get off them. One day I just stopped them. I never looked back. Iwouldn’t recommend stopping like I did. My stomache swelled up so much it was agony and nothing fitted me for a bout two weeks but then +

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  2. oops hit send too quickly. My body started to let go of all the water and I now look totally different to I did when I took laxatives. I can exercise these days. I don’t go through those painful cramps in the tummy. I also know the scales more accurately reflect my weight these days. Unless of course I have eaten and drunken and have my periods etc… It is not easy. Don’t give up. An eating disorder in my experience stays with me for life but you can live with it in a less destructive way xx

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  3. Unfortunately, one of the major concerns with eating disorders is heart health. When you have various eating disorders it puts too much strain on your heart, and can cause heart attacks, heart failure, etc etc. So, yeah, definitely do your best to try to cut back and wean off the laxatives. I know that’s so difficult, but you know you can. And definitely don’t miss that cardiac appointment.

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  4. Hey, you’re beautiful! Just like each and every one of us! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (not even the little voices inside our heads)
    You were put on this world for a reason, sometimes it can take a lifetime to find that reason but you need to find yourself that purpose to make it all worth while, so put down those laxatives you beautiful person, and remember, be brave and remember, YOU CAN DO THIS.

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