Diet Day 3



It’s Day 3, so 250 calories. Today for lunch, I’m going to eat a salad. The salad dressing and cheese will bring me right up to 250 calories.

This morning in therapy we did a chain analysis on my restricting. I started crying when we figured out that that I’m restricting because, since I can’t purge right now, the calories scare me and I just can’t handle them right now. I think I cried because of how much calories are scaring me right now. I just can’t do them. It’s too overwhelming. My therapist recognized that and didn’t make me commit to eating more. She did give me skills to use if I felt like I could handle trying to eat. We’ll see. Right now I just can’t.


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  1. Hey, I know that you are having a hard time and you are being super restrictive right now because of that. I just want to remind you that if you super restrict you’ll be more likely to cave and binge later, which is even worse! Even if you eat a tiny bit more to bring yourself up closer to 800/1000 calories it would be better 🙂

    If you’re really heart set on doing this be sure to take a multivitamin every day. Try to fit in a banana somewhere, or even some more green veggies that count as zero points for weight watchers, but still have nutrition. With enough water they go right through you, but leave the good molecules for your body behind! If you eat meat, chicken broth can also be nutritious during time of less food.

    Stay strong, but also push yourself to feel a little uncomfortable and get that tiny bit of intake your body needs to be happy! Without it you will be a bundle of emotions because your brain won’t have what it needs to produce neurotransmitters that make you happy. Keep fighting! You got this!! *hugs*

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