It starts today



I’m starting this today, so I’m fasting today.

I don’t know what “MONO” means so I’ll just make something up that day.

I like having different targets each day, it makes life more interesting. And doing something like this should help keep me accountable and hopefully reduce the binging and purging. At least, it always has in the past. I don’t expect to “fix” anything “fast,” it’s just for my peace of mind.


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  1. How on earth is depriving yourself going to “reduce” the B/P?!?! YouYour body is going to SCREAM at you for food, triggering the B/Pc
    cycle. Oh, dear.. You are setting yourself up for failure, and ultimate continuation of your ED. Be NICE to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. don’t listen to them, you can do this! You can do anything you set your mind to you can be so thin, mono means you choose one thing e.g watermelon that you can eat as much as you want of that day, it has to be single food though not a dish and healthy preferably fruits or veg

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  3. This seems like way too low an amount of calories, it really seems like starving yourself. Did a doctor come up with this? Please be careful, at face value it looks dangerous


  4. This will not help you recover but I’m sure you already know that. Restricting will only lead to stronger urges to binge and purge. It makes me very sad that someone is willing to be a cheerleader for this.

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