DBT Skills Group Week 2: The Rest of Core Mindfulness














I’m a little late posting this week’s DBT skills. This week we went over the rest of the Core Mindfulness module and learned about Observing, Describing, Participating, Nonjudgmentalness, One-Mindfulness, and Effectiveness. Yeah, we went over a lot of skills this week. And we have to practice ALL of them this week. That’s our homework. It’s a little overwhelming. However, they’re all good skills, so I’m trying to remember to practice them.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting these. It is really kind of you to share. I think you are helping lots of people. I’m grateful to see the information. I was given some much shorter handouts on DBT last year and the service I’m seen in does run a DBT group but I have not yet done it. I am doing an MBT skills programme. Possibly I “should” have done the DBT one first but the way the timings of groups worked out I didn’t get to. Not sure if I’ll do it later. Some of the DBT techniques I was told about before do help me a bit and so it’s really good to see these worksheets. It is certainly a lot to work through in one session and to try to put into practice in one week – it’s hard work and I can quite see why it feels overwhelming. xx

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