Learning to Live in my Wise Mind


I have a tendency to live in my “Emotion Mind”. Impulsive, emotion=fact, difficult to see logic. I may not seem like it from my writing, and maybe I do. How do I know I live there? I live in my eating disorder and I don’t question it. I hear it say “don’t eat” and I don’t. I hear it say “binge and purge” and I do. I hear it say “you are fat and disgusting” and I believe it. I hear it say “you are worthless” and I know it’s true.

What my DBT group has been working on the last couple weeks is living mindfully, or living in your Wise Mind, the melding of your logical brain and your emotional brain. The area where you make wise decisions, using both reason and emotion, living intuitively. It’s difficult. I am learning, though.

Today, I was living in my Emotion Mind when I didn’t eat dinner. However, I was able to tap into my Wise Mind for a brief moment when I didn’t take laxatives also. I used a technique called effectiveness. I was able to think about what my goal was (babysitting tomorrow without being sick) and think about what was effective for bringing about that outcome. I also used a pro con list of being effective and not, and the combination helped me to tap into that Wise Mind to make a wise choice to not take laxatives. At least for tonight.

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  1. Baby steps..( I loved that movie with Bill Murray)…any type of progress is a good thing. I read somewhere recently where psychologists believe eating disorders to be habitual in nature, which is what makes them so hard to treat. Keep striving my friend…I can see in you a determination to heal that will keep you on the right path. (((HUGS))) ღ

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  2. I just wrote you a super long comment that got deleted 😦 But just wanted to say, I’m so proud of you. Lots of love, hugs, and strength your way. The mere fact you didn’t take laxatives today means Wise mind is there….practice will make it stay πŸ˜‰

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  3. Our emotional minds can be so loud it drowns out any other ‘voice’. I’m so glad you were able to focus on making a wise choice! No success or victory is ever too small! πŸ˜€

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