New Psychiatrist Tomorrow – Finally!


I finally get to see a new psychiatrist tomorrow. It’s only been 5 months in the works.

Today during jury duty, they randomly selected and called a bunched of jurors. The rest of us waited in the room for 3 hours until, at 11:30, they told us that the rest of the cases had been settled or dissolved and we were free to go. SO, no jury duty for me beyond this morning!

This means I can go to my psychiatric appointment tomorrow. YAY! I’m nervous because it’s a new person and I’ll probably have to rehash everything again. But I am oh-so-relieved to finally be seeing a psychiatrist.


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  1. I am so pleased for you that you are able to get to see your psychiatrist and that you did not have to stay beyond the morning for the jury duty. I hope this makes this week a little bit less hectic and it is so important you are able to get to an appointment you have waited so long for. I’m thinking of you. I know it often feels terrifying when I see a new doctor/therapist and that it takes so much more than we can express to go through everything and open ourselves again. It took a very long time for me to be seen by a psychiatrist. Personally I think that it is very bad how long it takes to be able to see a psychiatrist. I had experienced years of mental health difficulties and limited therapy before I finally paid privately to see a psychiatrist. Only on seeing the psychiatrist was I given the correct diagnosis (I had been being treated for the wrong conditions for years), the correct medication and a treatment plan. Fortunately I was then in the very blessed position of being able to get help from a specialist service in the NHS but this is something not open to everyone and geographically dependent. I did eventually see psychiatrists in the NHS but only after reaching absolute crisis point and a lot of very self-destructive actions and a hospital admission.
    So I am very happy for you that you are able to have psychiatrist’s input now and I hope that although it will be so very hard, you will find someone you feel understands you and recognises the help you need and that it leads to good for you.
    Ginny x

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