Filled with Dread


I have jury duty in the morning. I am filled with so much dread. I’m nervous beyond reason. I’ve been using unhealthy coping mechanisms to try to stay somewhat calm.

I also can’t afford to be picked. I have appointments every day this week. Tuesday, I’m finally supposed to meet with a new psychiatrist. I’ve waited since JUNE for this. I’m going to be so frustrated if I miss it because I’m in jury duty.

On a positive note, I went trick-or-treating yesterday with my toddler niece and nephew, sister, and brother-in-law. I really enjoyed that.


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  1. I hope you feel better and able enough to get through your jury duty. Are you in the USA. Can you get an exemption for mental health reasons?


  2. I’ve been called to jury duty 3 times in 20 years. Each time it has been an awesome experience. it’s too bad your schedule can’t fit it in. Call in and talk to the deputies there (i’m sure there is a number to call on your notification) and they will let you know what can be done in case of doctor’s appointments.

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  3. You will be asked during jury selection if there is any reason why you couldn’t participate in an actual trial, such as being a racist or having a really important appt. You can say that you have a medical reason not to serve and if you feel comfortable say that it is urgent for your mental health to see a psychiatrist. From what I saw when I did jury duty, the judge will ask you a bunch of questions about it in the court room in front of everyone to see if he thinks that it qualifies as a reason not to come in. It’s all up to his discretion. So, be prepared for that and know what you are going to say, if you decide to ask to be excused from serving. I hope that you can get out of it!

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  4. I would call your primary care doc, and have him/her write a note on the pain your going through, and during selection, they ask why you can/cannot serve, and you just say that you’re on too much painkillers to be able to fairly judge anyone. And that your pain causes you to get angry and they should let you go.


  5. I’m really sorry to hear that all this is coming at once. I really hope you are able to get to your important appointments. I can only imagine how stressful it feels. The idea of jury duty alone would terrify me and completely trigger all my obsessional thoughts. Sending hugs. Ginny x

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