DBT Skills Group Week 1: Wise Mind and Mindfulness


Weekly Diary Card






2015-10-28 17.32.52

2015-10-28 17.31.59

This is what we went over today, after going over all the group rules and standard do’s and don’ts of being in a psychiatric setting such as keeping information about the other patients private, and not having sexual relationships with one another.

The first picture is the weekly diary card we use for our group. We have to go through each day and mark with skills we used that day. We also have to mark how many times we used the card. Ideally, they want you using the card each day, but you can technically use it once a week. Then we went through what mindfulness and the Wise Mind are. On Mindfulness Handout 3, you can see a diagram of the Emotion Mind Trap. That’s basically when it’s raining (you’re full of emotion) and there’s a trap door in the well that leads to the Wise Mind and the emotion gathers on top of the trap door and you mistake the rain water for the well water, confusing your emotion for your Wise Mind.

Mindfulness Handout 3A has different ways to practice mindfulness that helps bring you to your Wise Mind. The homework (Mindfulness Worksheets 1 & 3) asks you to make a pro/con for practicing mindfulness and not practicing mindfulness, and to pick some of the different ways to practice mindfulness and to practice them.

One of the simplest mindfulness exercises I know is the one where you breathe in and focus on “Wise” and breathe out and focus on “Mind,” so I did that one for a few minutes earlier.

I find mindfulness very helpful, yet I almost never remember to do it. Especially when I need it most. I’m hoping having a couple weeks focusing on mindfulness will help me get better at it.

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  1. Good luck! I’m in my last module (12 out of 14 months in DBT group!) now. I find the homework exercises quite helpful. I’ve found that the when I set aside to do mindfulness exercises (even just 3-5 minutes in the morning), I’m better able to access it when I need it.

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  2. Omg I had the EXACT SAME HANDOUTS!!! Hahahahah I did not have diary cards though.

    And you are SO LUCKY you get to do it with guys!!!

    My biggest challenge was my group as all female. And I hate all girl groups because they are the most judgmental!!!! So while I knew all the DBT skills before group started, my goals were different: talking about anorexia and eating disorder in front of/with group, sharing homework exercises on eating disorder, and dealing with an all female group.

    I had a different experience than everyone else, but still picked up great stuff along the way! The homework is great because it forces you to do the skills to practice, but then you don’t realize you practice the. In your daily life!!

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