In which I carved a pumpkin


After 3 nights of sleeping in the recliner in the living room to keep my head elevated, I got the ok from my surgeon to sleep in my bed last night. It was both better and worse than the recliner. My body was more comfortable. My nose less. I also can’t breathe through my nose at the moment due to the swelling and it being full of mucus and God only knows what else, so I kept waking up with my throat all dry and sore. I did, however, get more sleep than I got on the recliner. Or better sleep at least.

I woke up feeling pretty good. I took advantage of it and carved my pumpkin that’s been sitting around. It’s a kitty inside a witch’s hat.


Then, around noon, my youngest brother called. His car was dead and asked if we could come jump him so he could go to a job interview. While we were out, we grabbed some groceries and prescriptions I had waiting. By the time we finished, I had crashed. My energy was nil and my pain was through the roof.

I’ve gone gluten-free again at my rheumatologist’s suggestion. It messes with my head. All I see are excuses not to eat and my eating disorder loves it.

I meet with my new DBT therapist tomorrow (nervous). I then go over and get the splints taken out of my nose (YAY). Hopefully after that, I can start blowing my nose again. Tomorrow afternoon, I have my first (2 hour!) DBT skills group. It’s going to be a long day and I’m still not feeling that great and still using norco to get through the pain. I honestly expected to be fully recovered by now. I clearly didn’t have a good expectation of what recovery from a septoplasty is like.

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  1. I like your pumpkin :)…and I’m sorry your in such physical distress :(…You seem to be keeping your spirits up, or at least faking it really well…hey sometimes that’s the best we can do….fake it till we make it…but anyway hang in there my friend…time heals all wounds…even nose jobs ( I know you don’t have plastic surgery, but my odd sense of humor overcomes me at times 🙂 )….Hope you heal and feel better soon ❤

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      • omg…that’s so awful…at least when I go for a colonoscopy it’s an in and out procedure 😀 …. the awful part is I have do it every 3-4 yrs now…I think.idk?..haha…..Feel better and pardon my silliness 🙂

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  2. i carved a kitty too! mine was wearing a hat. This is the first time in a few years I’ve felt well enough to be interested in Halloween.
    Best of luck with going gluten free, Occasionally I experiment to see how gluten affects me and the results range from muscle cramps in my legs and feet to severe and sudden mood swings. I have to limit gluten free baked goods too, there is still so much starch in them.

    Happy Halloween!

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  3. Is that comic from XKCD??? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that comic strip!
    Well, it seems like you are on the right track for some progress and I truly hope everything goes well! 🙂

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