Nose jobs are no fun


I had my septoplasty yesterday to fix my severely deviated septum. The surgery went well expect that I lost a lot of blood. However, I’m still here, so all is well.

Recovery after the surgery was rough. I woke up from anesthesia crying because I was in so much pain. They were giving me pain meds every 5 minutes and I was still in pain between a 7 and 10. Then, the high doses of pain meds made me incredibly nauseous to where I was dry heaving.

They wouldn’t let me go home until my pain was below a 5 and my nausea was under control, so I was in recovery for about 3 hours, which is 2 hour longer than they’d anticipated.

When I finally got home, I fell right to sleep while my mom went to fill my prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics. I woke up when she got home an hour later and tried to watch some tv, but couldn’t follow anything, I was too out of it.

I was instructed to sleep with my head elevated, and my nose is too sore to lay on my pillow (I tried) so I slept in the recliner in the living room last night. I slept on and off. I was in a lot of pain most of the night, even with the prescription pain killer. I’ve also been leaking blood from both nostrils, which they said is normal, so I’ve been holding tissue to my nose almost constantly..

Today is one of the few times I wish I wore contacts. My nose is swollen and very sore, and my glasses hurt to wear. However, I’m blind blind without them.

I am still in a lot of pain and breathing is hit-or-miss because of all the extra mucus my nose is creating right now. I am not allowed to blow my nose. And I have splints up my nose while it heals. I get those out Wednesday. My nose is so swollen, I’m glad I remembered to take my nose piercing out before the surgery.

I def finitely can’t purge right now, which is messing with my head. I know I need to eat to heal properly, but knowing I can’t purge has me freaked out, so I haven’t eaten yet today.

I’m also having difficulty keeping awake because of the pain meds.So, for now, I’m off.

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  1. I feel bad about your pain, but in the long run it will be worth it. You are strong and will make it through…Look what you did…You wrote a blog post and did it through all the pain and suffering. That I would say, is an accomplishment. Hang in there! You have been Heard!

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  2. Take it slowly and easily, and remember to be as kind to yourself as possible. Easier said than done sometimes, I know. But the fight in you is showing through. Like ibeaheard said earlier, you wrote this through all the pain and suffering. And you’ve been heard. Stay strong and keep fighting!

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  3. Hang in there and please take care of yourself. My husband had this done this year, in addition to work on his throat to help him breathe better. He had to force himself to eat as well. I know you have different circumstances, but as you said you need to care for yourself to heal properly. Let us know how you’re doing.

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  4. I LOVE YOUR DILBERT! Haha, it goes well with your post:) But, alllll my sympathies! What a crummy experience, but how interesting to hear what the recovery is from that procedure. Imagine going through that stuff for cosmetic (vanity) reasons?? And the lipo, and the boob job, and the hideous cheek implants, etcetc. Then those women look like some newly created ageless, shiny-faced freak- race. OK, so i digress (ha).. I’m also intrigued by your plight: YOU.CANT.BINGE!!! That would freak my out, too:/ I remember years ago when it was weirdy out of control for me, i sliced my tongue to shreds so i HAD to stop. Ohhh, did i regret that. I don’t remember regaining any weight, but i DO remember being tortured by my body/mind SCREAMING at me for those carb overloads. F*** bulimia, man!! Hang in there ❀

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