Planned Intervention


A bit ago I wrote about my dad’s infection in his leg and how he’s believing for faith healing and refuses to see a doctor for it.

Well, my siblings, mom, and I talked yesterday. We talked about how worried we are about him and his health, and how we’re worried about losing him. So, we have staged an intervention for tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. I hate confrontation. I don’t want to confront him on this. However, something needs to give, because I’m terrified of losing him. So, I’ll be a part of this intervention if it give more weight to the event. I assume the more people who come together the more seriously he’ll take it.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t just blow us off.


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  1. Good luck. Things like this are always hard, but it will show how much you care about what is happening to him. Keep Strong, you are a brave person and will get through this. Hopefully to him too. God Bless! You have been heard!

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  2. Good luck! That is a really tough spot to be in, but I’m proud of you for standing in the spot in spite of that. The fact that it’s over a spiritual matter in some ways makes it even more tricky.

    Good for you, for doing what you can to do right by your Dad. I wish I had done more for mine.

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  3. I’ve been following you and I really hope you realize how amazing you are. You’re fighting off your own issues with binging and purging *and* you still think about your Dad. It’s quite remarkable.

    Best of luck. Let me know if you need anything.

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