Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

But not like you’d think



I was in a Halloween mood so I watched Scream. I’d never seen it before. I watched it right before bed. My ex told me he hoped I didn’t have nightmares. With my PTSD, I’m very prone to getting nightmares.

I did have nightmares, but not like you’d think. I had eating disorder nightmares. Dreams like being attacked by food. Or dreams where I’m forced to eat food. Dreams where I eat and can’t purge. Dreams of being chased by food with legs. On and on, all night, I had eating disordered nightmares. These dreams are very draining and I usually wake up crying.


LoveMe Challenge, Day 27



Day #27: What have you accepted about you?

I have accepted that I’m not all bad, like I often feel I am. That I have some good qualities.