I got in!


A while ago I wrote that I was trying to get into a year-long DBT program through the mental health clinic where I’m seen. Well, I just found out I was accepted into the program! I’m relieved, and a little anxious. But mostly relieved. I really think this will be good for me.


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  1. Congrats πŸ™‚ DBT is an amazing system that I’ve been fortunate to see in action with my clients on more than one occasion, along with MET and CBT. Positive thoughts coming your way! DBT is hard and good work.

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  2. did dbt and really enjoyed it. while talk therapy can feel good, dbt feels goal-oriented so you can really see the progress unlike the super subtle progress of therapy. i am actually looking into taking a class once a week again, if i can find a way to pay. let me know what you think of it but hopefully it will help, even in some small ways, with you moving forward and being more at peace with yourself and life.

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