Liquids only


Today is Sunday, which seems like a good day to start something new. And today, the something new that I’m starting is an all-liquid diet. Now, it’s sort of a modified all-liquid diet as the smoothies didn’t start as all liquid ingredients, but they end up that way! And it’s just the frozen fruit that was solid anyway. SO, starting today, it’s shakes and smoothies and that’s it. Nothing else is allowed. And definitely no starches!


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  1. I discussed this with my lady dentist and she thought liquid diet might me too extreme at least judging by her own experience.
    In my most humble opinion i would study your eating habits.
    I personally like to munch and crunch.
    I tried only liquids after 16.00 which allows better digestion.
    i personally need a carrot/rice cake especially now that the weather here is grey and overcast.
    How about soups ?they seem to give a better feeling of full.
    Soups can be a great way to get your nutrition.fruit and fructose trigger hunger in me. Beans soup with a slice of wholewheat bread is wonderful on a cold night.
    Good luck!!

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