Just another hypomanic Friday


Today I have gone to the laundromat, cleaned everything, packed, baked, eaten, purged, started a scarf, and yet I still feel like I haven’t done anything today. I feel unaccomplished. I feel like I have so much energy and so many ideas and I want to do all of them right now and that’s obviously not feasible and it’s frustrating because no matter how much I get done, I won’t even begin to chip away at the list flying around in my head so it feels negligible. My day is running out and I still have so much to check off that list that I feel frantic to get everything done.


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  1. I know that feeling well. But just as an outsiders perspective on seeing what you have done today, I’d say be proud. It might not feel like a lot in comparison to what you may have left to do, but it’s a start, and you checked off some things that may hopefully leave you with more time in the future to focus on things you enjoy. I say well done 🙂

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  2. I know how that goes. I like to make a list, then break that list down into priorities, and then into a manageable chunk for the evening, and then tell myself that off of that final list, I can do two things. Then I list everything I did do at the end of the night and I feel a bit better after reorganizing the remaining things. I never ever get it all done. I always think I can, and I never do.

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  3. For as much as modern technology has supposedly helped us be more efficient, it certainly does leave us busier than ever! I know exactly how you feel. I doubt I’ll ever catch up to my own expectations either, but I try to take solace in the fact I’m doing my best.


  4. Hello! It’s nice to see I’m not the only one with this problem… Though little piece of advice, what helps me is making lists, to get all of this stuff out of my mind and onto paper. Then I just have to work my way slowly though the list. The best part though, is getting to check items off of the list: you feel so accomplished! Good luck with everything 😊

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