A decision has been made


I have decided to stop taking the laxatives. I realized I miss feeling strong and healthy.  All I have done the last few days is lie around feeling sick and weak and at first I loved it. It was familiar and friendly. But now, I miss feeling alive and vibrant and like I can take on life.


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  1. I know you have read “Beauty Beyond Bones” in the past. If you do not follow her blog regularly, I would suggest you do so. Her reliance on Jesus is not feigned and the ability of Him to help any of us is not something that should be taken lightly. You struggle, and sometimes it hurts to be a witness to that struggle. Consider Him and the impact He can have on your ability to continue to ‘feel alive and vibrant’ and take on life . I applaud your decision, and I will pray you will look to Christ for the strength needed to fight your battles.

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  2. I know sometimes it’s hard to not go back to the chaos. I know it’s easier where it’s familiar. But embracing the unknown and the uncomfortable will feel amazing if you just give it time. Stay off the laxatives and continue your progression toward a healthy existence. Eventually, you’ll see how wonderful it can be.

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  3. Good decision. I abused laxatives when I was younger and boy it was bad news, and kinda gross too! I hope you find the way to health and wellness, I have been recovered for a few years now but still live with the after effects of the damage I done over an 11 year period. Hang in there, there is always hope my dear friend xo

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  4. I am so glad to hear it. Just flush those babies. I was worried about you. You are so much bigger than your addictions.
    Everything about you matters, Sweet Soul. Everything.
    Your voice. Your song. Your body. Your sorrow. Your joy.
    Your dreams. Your tragedies. Your love. Your waking up. Your going to sleep
    Your struggles. Your victories. Your passion. Your weaknesses.
    Your pain. Your healing. Your tears. Your laugh.
    The way your cheeks blush. The way your nose crinkles. Everything.
    The world will tell you you are insignificant You are everything but that.
    You are beautiful. You are full. You are alive. You are original.
    Everything about you matters, Sweet Soul. Everything.
    ~S.C. Laurie, Butterfliesandpebbles

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  5. Well done! I love a quote by Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” HOwever, for the journey to continue, you need to keep walking.
    I loved the cartoon and relate to it myself. I come up with wonderful plans and ideas and then forget to action them. Humph! xx Rowena


  6. I’m glad to read you’re in better spirits, and that you miss feeling “alive and vibrant.” Too many of my friends have forgotten they ever felt that way. I know I have teetered on the edge of that abyss before.

    Reading your other posts, I’m inspired by this #LoveMe challenge and how you’re sharing… I think I might take this up myself 🙂

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