Romance is a No-go


I told the guy that I can’t be in a relationship with him. I told him I can’t be the girl he wants me to be. I can’t not be anxious and I can’t not be bipolar and I can’t believe that one day I’ll be instantly healed. I can’t do daily phone calls because phone calls make me anxious and I can’t be there for him the way he wants. I just can’t be what he wants. And being with him just makes me feel inadequate.


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  1. He has to learn that you are who you are! He has to accept your terms right now to live in your world friend or otherwise! We all have to love ourselves first before we can love someone else but even without that they have to know if we have a problem they have to accept that problem and know that whether we decide to work on it or not we know it is there and IT IS A

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  2. Exactly why I told my husband on our first date that I have bipolar disorder. People I knew, even people with a mental illness, told me never to tell a guy I have a mental illness. This is me warts and all, take it or leave it.

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  3. I actually am so proud of you. You have come to understanding with yourself and accepted and faced yoir issues. When the right one comes along (and he will), you”ll know it. And then, everything will be all right ❤❤

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  4. What matters is being true to yourself, and it seems you’re doing a fine job, stay strong dear, even with the daily interruption of mental health, things will improve, you will get better.

    I’m always open if you need to talk, I’ve been there too x

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  5. I commend you on being strong enough to stand up and state that to him. So many people are scared to do that. Being bipolar is not who you are but it is a part of what you deal with daily. A man has to accept that and be willing to deal with it. We all have parts that we have to accept in someone in order to with them. And ou can’t try to change th as t person. Great job!


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