I’ve Succeeded?



I don’t know how to feel right now. Part of me feels like I’ve succeeded. Part of me feels like a big, fat, disgusting failure.


Well, I’ve been really struggling the last couple days and I’ve been eating A LOT to cope and luckily I’ve been working out enough that it’s not messing with my weight, but I still feel like a fat, lazy slob for eating so much. Because I’ve been eating so much, I got it in my head to eat everything in the house that’s mine except my smoothie foods so that I’m not left with the option to binge, and at least if I try, it’s on frozen fruit and not on starches. Just now, I finished the last of my non-smoothie food. So I succeeded, after a sort…

Now to go work it off.


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  1. Take the successes where you can get them, and build upon them. Stay positive, and cut out the negative self-image talk. We don’t always have quite enough control over our tongues, but we can learn to tame our fingers when we type. 🙂 Good job.

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  2. All of this takes time. It’s not easy to just change. If it were, we would all just change whenever we realize something we’re doing is destructive and bad. It’s just not that easy. Be gentle with yourself, and patient. What you’re doing isn’t easy. You’ve been working hard at it. Give yourself credit. It’s not always easy, but you’ve stayed dedicated to working at it.

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  3. You are doing an amazing job and consider yourself very brave for trying! It is not easy to change our habits, it requires self control and slowly you will get there! I try to eat every 3hours small portions so then I can control myself. Keep on going!! Be strong like a warrior!!!

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