My mom and me


I watched a documentary once about eating disorders and there was a teenage girl who talked about engaging in disordered behavior with her mom, how it was just normal for her.

It wasn’t until then I began to question my mother’s and my joint relationship with food.

Just now, my mom and I ate a double batch of rice krispy treats. Yes, we ate the whole thing. While watching Gilmore Girls. This kind of thing is normal for us. Sometimes I think my mom should go in for eating disorder treatment too.


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  1. Ok I heard what you said but I just can’t stop locking on to GILMORE GIRLS!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Super looooove!!! One of my fave shows ever!!! Got me through some seriously tough times!! My ex got me the whole series on DVD one year for my birthday and one of the best gifts ever!!!

    I used to put it on in the background and write papers for college! Awww I want to my name my daughter a name where I can have the nickname Rory I love that name so much!!

    Sorry it’s just hard to find others who watch the show and I quote it SO much!!

    I relate a lot because no joke my grandmother looks like Rory’s grandma and is rich and acts the same way so a lot in relation.

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  2. I can completely relate to this as well. My who life, my mom and I indulged in food together – to celebrate, to commiserate, to cheer us up, etc…then more recently we went the opposite direction and went calorie counting crazy…I’ve realized how much I shave adopted her thinking patterns and body image issues. I hope that I can find “the answer” and be brave enough to pass it on to her before it’s too late..


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