Contemplating recovery


I’ve been considering going back into recovery. I don’t know what my insurance would approve, but I’m thinking of looking into it. I think I’m ready to knock this out once and for all. Maybe? I’m thinking about it, anyway.


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  1. Do what you want when you are ready!! And if you commit to it, I’ve got some great books you can get off amazon for cheap that will help strengthen the journey.

    I know you’re like whaaat but Cassie relapsed… I’m in an invalidating environment so until I leave truly my eating disorder will not change. But the books were great and very helpful till my boss bullied me and my mom told me I was worthless.

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      • Tots!!! I’m heading to bed [early day tomorrow, but by my afternoon I’ll have them for you…. Soooo like 15 hours ish from when I post this response?

        Thank you I appreciate that! My whole family is a mess and just toxic for me. All very cyclical really and it drives my therapists insane. Kinda funny actually.


      • Okay so I cannot figure out how to send pictures through this reply, but I am going to do a post with the books I recommend. I will do a short blurb on each so I hope that helps!! 3 of them I have used, one I actually just ordered because I love its sibling book! And then others I am recommending for anyone else who follows.

        Please feel free to ask me whatever you like!! I am an open book!!!

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  2. It can so be done!! I would never have believed I would stop bingeing and purging and overeating and starving. But somehow it just sort of happened. I’m left with lots and lots and lots of feelings so be prepared for floods of emotions. And yes, you will need that yarn. I would have to look through my blog but I’ve maybe purged once since March or possible December. For me, I don’t think that I decided to stop or get better, I think i had good enough therapy that got to the core issues that in turn allowed me to let go or not need to throw up anymore. It makes life so much easier. You can do this!!

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  3. Yes, getting the help you need to walk your path well (whatever you decide that help is) is always worth it. It is worth it…and YOU are worth it. I wish for you courage, strength, vulnerability, support, and — sounds like! — lots of very good yarn. 🙂
    best, alice

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