I really loathe walking…but I’m going to do it anyway


When I lived in a small town in Oregon, I actually walked everywhere and I loved it. If I’m walking to somewhere, I enjoy it. However, if I’m walking just to walk, walking to fulfill a fitness goal, I kind of really hate it. Yet, I’m about to head out on a walk/jog because I bought this Fitbit and I have a goal of 10,000 steps and the only way to do that is to leave my house. Unfortunately, there is NOTHING close by I can walk to. If I want to walk about 6 miles, I can walk to downtown, but I’m not sure I have 12 miles in me today.

I wish there was a walking app that had a “what’s nearby?” feature that showed what’s of interest that you can walk to. I’d walk to the library, but it’s closed of Sundays.  The only other thing I know of in my neighborhood is a Walmart and I don’t really want to walk around a Walmart.


So after some googling, I found a rec center nearby, so I’m going to walk over there. Unfortunately, the pool is closed on Sundays, but I think the rest of the center is open. If nothing else, I can go and get more information.


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  1. I totally understand! I hate treadmills! I love getting out and walking when there are places to walk and things to see. When I didn’t live near a place conducive to walking, I would drive a short distance and walk around there. Kudos for getting out, though, and keep it up!

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  2. Hey there is a free app called my fitness pal that will sync with your fit bit and give you maps etc. check it out.

    I’m totally with you on the destination less walking. I’m going to try cleaning out the garage and see how many steps I can get in today. Good luck


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