Ever new ways to obsess


I bought a Fitbit Charge HR. It tracks my steps, calories in/burned, my heart rate (I have a mild obsession with knowing my heart rate at any given moment), water intake, sleep, pretty much anything fitness related.

I love it. I obsessively sync it. I constantly check its stats. I adore that it told me how many steps I took in the grocery store and how many calories I burned doing so.

This may not be a healthy toy for me, but it’s a fabulous one. Excuse me while I go for a jog.

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  1. Yeah so my wife wants one those watches, I have no idea where to start as far as brand and such, any advice?

    Also, I am convinced that companies number one tool when they market to the consumer is “obsessiveness.” Give’em another item and reason to obsess of something! I recently deleted my social media apps from my iphone because I was constantly consumed by them. It worked great, for a few days, until I downloaded them again!


  2. I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR about 2 months ago on an impulse as well. It helped me to realize that I am far more active than I realized. I, too, have an obsession with checking my heart rate. It leaves me feeling giddy. The lower the number the more exciting it is. Which is so dangerous. I hope you can find balance with it and not obsess.

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  3. I’ve had a Fitbit One for over 3 years now and, like you, can be a little obsessive about knowing what my heart rate is doing, especially when exercising. I’m planning on upgrading to the Charge HR because I can’t justify the jump to the Surge (which tracks exercise other than running/walking much better than the Charge) but love these gadgets. Fitbit has an excellent usergroup on Facebook too, who have been of enormous help to me when I’ve had any silly questions 🙂


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