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My weight just keeps going back up no matter what I do. I increase my exercise. I decrease my intake. I drink more water. I take more laxatives. Nothing is working. I’m scared and frustrated.


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  1. I used to weigh 425lbs… and i was depressed all the time, I learned to stop checking my weight and start monitoring my thoughts… what you think about yourself will manifest in your body, less stress and more enjoyable events have helped me tremendously you are beautiful, and you matter, much love to you

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  2. As a health professional you must know that your body (no pun included and obviously) is in starvation mode. It will not lose weight in this mode and will hold all nourishment it receives. You will retain water and salt. Your weight is also able to fluctuate 2-5 lbs daily. Moreover, muscle weighs more than fat. You must take all these things into consideration. When you relax and stop stressing things will flow better and you will lose weight naturally, when you stress you will likely gain weight. Everyone’s body is different and yours responds with weight gain. Try to dissociate and focus on something else and find something positive distract you. You are in my thoughts and prayers {HUGZ}

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      • Yes, so you have to give yourself a break. Your body is hormonal and sensitive and if you throw it out of balance everyday by not having a routine of a healthy lifestyle you will not have a ‘norm’ to go by for what your body typically can stay at and function properly. Your body may no longer be able to function at the level it is at based on your body fat percentage as well (i’m not sure what this is for you). But you need at least 12% body fat as a female to have normal hormonal function before things start to go haywire and weight and everything else goes bananas. For men this is around 3-4%.


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