Woke up crying. Twice.


I woke up from a dream at 5am, sobbing.

After calming down, I noticed I still felt sick. I didn’t know if it was a continuation from yesterday or from the laxatives I took before bed, but it made falling back asleep difficult.

I finally fell asleep sometime after 6:30 and my “don’t ever sleep past this time” alarm woke me at 9am. I was crying again.

I was down (weight) again, so I let myself eat breakfast.


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  1. It’s okay to cry. Please reach out if you need to talk! I love running my mouth. Even if I am not always awake 24/7 if you would like my email you can write me the longest email ever and I will respond back with something just as long b/c I am talkative. I don’t care if you want to tell me the sky is polka dot right then to you. We can talk about that, LOL. I just want you to feel as if you have a connection that makes you feel comfortable when you feel lonely. We all need that sometimes. I struggle with my weight through fat shaming and have had bouts of bulimia but NO WHERE NEAR what a true bulimic has faced. I have will say that when I was in high school I learned the hard way how serious it could get and my mom made me wor hard to change it. She was my support. When you do not have that support when you are still able to be influenced it is hard to make that change. I want to help you turn back from the point you have reached.

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