Full of bad ideas


I’ve been sick today, so I have been lethargic and weak all day. In my brilliance, tonight, I downed laxatives and hopped on my stationary bike. I couldn’t even get to an hour before I was super nauseous and weak and dizzy.


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  1. Last night was bad for me, I’m not a frequent dryer but I couldn’t stop crying and had intrusive thoughts until the early hours. Hope a ray of sunshine has broken through for you.


  2. In your weakest or lonliest days have you tried to join a chat group online? Not just blog so that you are not alone? Or skype even? Does that help the feeling of being alone? I play online games with people and it helps deter some of my bad ‘alone’ habits and causes dissociation or much needed distractions until I break the habit altogether. Until then I believe that even if you had this moment of weakness, it was a MOMENT of weakness not a lifetime (though it may feel like it) you have plenty of moment of strong moments to come and strong moments that have passed 🙂

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