Why are you so ugly?


I wish I was one of those people who could love themselves. I’m not. I’m too ugly. Too fat. Too worthless. Too disgusting. Too me.


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  1. I’m sorry you have these thoughts running around in your head- try to remember just because they are there doesn’t make them true. I bet there is a whole ton of evidence to suggest that you are none of these things. I know that doesn’t take the thoughts away but I hope it helps towards letting them hurt you less. Be kind to yourself x

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  2. This makes me so sad, because I have been there and remember thinking those things of myself too. You need to love yourself, so that others can love you! Stand up for yourself, rather than beating yourself down! 🙂 No matter who you are or what you look like, there’s always going to be someone who would give anything to look like you. Learn to be content with who you are, and let your inner beauty reflect even more through your outer beauty! 🙂 https://bethanyrustblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/the-truth-about-beauty-2/

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  3. Can so relate as well! A few years ago a friend told me I was “100% Valuable.” It made it easier for me to accept my flaws. Still working on it, but making progress.
    Just in case no one has told you today, YOU ARE 100% VALUABLE!

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  4. You. Are. BEAUTIFUL.

    The thoughts we have can convince us of things that are simply not true – they are are poison like no other. I had anorexia and exercise bulimia many years ago from PTSD. I recently had a second round of CPTSD because of another abusive relationship – a lot of trauma resurfaced.

    I started EMDR therapy last October because I knew I had to figure out what was going on, and why I allowed this awful treatment. Through EMDR, Cranial Sacral work, meditation, vision boards, affirmations…I have FINALLY realized that I am beautiful. That I deserve good things. I didn’t realize that my thinking I wasn’t was exactly what allowed me to allow that treatment!

    People can tell you to your face…they can write it…scream it…but until WE believe it for ourselves, our painful cycle continues. BRAVO to you for sharing your raw and honest thoughts – in that way, you admit the feelings, which are very real. But know…

    2. There IS hope for recovery…from the psychological, most importantly, and the physical
    4. You CAN do this
    5. There is NO shame in getting help and support. These are things we cannot…and should not HAVE to do alone.

    Things are always easier said than done…but when we know we no longer want to be bound by negativity, pain, self doubt…we have the power to change it. We do. YOU do.

    “I am beautiful.”
    “I deserve good things.”
    “I AM ENOUGH.”

    You can say those things…you can mean them…and you can believe them. Be gentle with yourself, but never EVER give up on you.

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  5. Big Hugs. I have felt that way too, more so in my younger years. I have learned to let those voices talk all they want while I do things to prove them wrong. When a voice tells me I’m stupid, I read a book. When the voice tells me I’m fat, I go for a walk. When a voice tells me I’m ugly, I say beauty comes from within.
    Take care and be well!

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  6. Oh girl- I’m so sorry you feel this way but I know EXACTLY how you feel. Can I recomend a book that has helped me SO much?? It’s called Brains Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen. I’ve even led a book club using this book- it has been AMAZING. If you ever want to talk, message me ok.

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  7. When I look in the mirror, my first thought is to look at what’s wrong. I think our culture does that through TV, magazines, ads, etc. I have to make a conscious effort to look for something I like. What’s one thing you like about yourself?

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  8. I know from experience with three bulimic friends that you may not believe this when I tell you, but a day will come when this is over, and your perception will change. Believe it, and forgive yourself for feeling like this when you do x

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  9. May I gently suggest that you are part of the beauty of living? Begin focusing on others, try not to worry too much, and be that gift in someone else’s life (you already are you know, a gift). Soon, you will begin to see more you, more of the truth of you. An eternal infinite part of the beauty. Without you, some beauty would be lost. Try to relax, you will enter into that place in a quiet and surprising way. My prayers for your health, for good food for your brain, your heart and your soul. There is an escape from Crazytown. Hang in there…

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  10. Don’t laugh but ever since I got old fat and ugly I have felt liberated. You are not there but you will get there someday. Problems and solving them make you stronger. One saying that has helped me is “Don’t sweat the things you have no power or control over. And kick the hell out of the ones you do.” Then do a happy dance. Hugs to you during your journey.

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  11. I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe your feelings stem from comparison to others whom you think are attractive and the right size and worth the space they take up in this universe. I believe we all have a particular purpose during this brief, incredible period in which we embody consciousness, which itself is one of the most amazing of the universe’s gifts. Find your purpose and spend you life fulfilling it. And very quickly you will find that beauty is not what you currently think it is. To me, beauty comes from doing well the work you were meant to do and from loving deeply and with compassion. You can also try staying away from social media’s distorted view of lives and read books like The Wise Heart instead. Hang in there. There is an infinite capacity for self-love in you. You just need to find it. And that does take some work. I’ve never met you but I already know you are beautiful, you belong here, you deserve your space in the universe. Self-love is hard won for some of us (I’m still fighting for my own), but it’s a good fight.

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  12. I’ve been ugly my whole life. My grandmother and I used to tease each other about who was uglier. When she died I became the remaining, uglier of the two. But her attitude and love made me oblivious of ugliness; it doesn’t matter one bit to me.

    Feelings and thoughts can be hard to overcome and I respect your struggle.


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