Falling apart


I didn’t eat breakfast or snack today. I left the house without shoes. I came home from treatment and binged and purged multiple times.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that hun. Hoping you are ok. We all have those down damned dark days where we fall apart but you’re all still there and you can piece yourself back together again. The day is not ruined – take what’s left of it and be calm, peaceful and kind to yourself. Prepare yourself for tomorrow to give you the best chance of getting through. Wishing you all the best, positive thoughts and hugs my dear. I know how it feels. Take care xxx

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  2. Every hour is a renewal, if you allow it. Forgive! You are human! You have taken so many steps forward, that this will not hold you back. Sleep well, stay hydrated, get protein so your mind functions smoothly, take any meds you are required to take. Take care of yourself. You deserve good care!

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