Goddamn Shrimp


I have a long (mental) list of foods I dislike but have never actually tried. This week, I have to try one of those every day. Today, it was shrimp.

I have discovered that I do NOT dislike shrimp. I fucking hate shrimp.

The problem with trying new foods in treatment is that if you hate it, you still have to finish it. Not only do I hate shrimp, eating it made me physically gag and nearly vomit on the table.

I could have just not eaten it and boosted, but that would have meant going down a level and I finally made it to level 3 (the top level at my treatment center).

On my thought log for wrap-up, I put that my post-meal intention is to write hate letters to shrimp. Also that I want to stab shrimp in the face.


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  1. Really, less shrimp ought to be consumed. I am so sorry for your ordeal. Abstaining from shrimp is good for the environment. I wish I could do it. Every day that you don’t eat it, is a day you save the earth. You are a hero!

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