Eating in Treatment: Part 3


When you have a meal, you get one 16 ounce glass of water. Your water intake is charted, and if you aren’t hydrating, you’re put on mandatory liquids (usually a combination of gatorade and water). While there are some exceptions to the rule, for the most part, you can tell by looking at people’s water who is anorexic and who is bulimic.

Bulimics, used to water-loading to help with purging, tend to drink all their water, and especially in the beginning, quickly and toward the first half of the meal.

Anorexics, for a variety of reasons (fear of stretching out the stomach, paranoia over calories, etc) tend to not drink their water.


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  1. That’s an interesting concept but I’m anorexic and all I do is drink water. I drink more water so I don’t have to eat. The anorexics I know do the same: the more water you drink, the fuller you are so the less room for food. Plus it helps you for weigh ins.

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    • However, in treatment.. the rules change.
      Atleast they did for me.
      I’m anorexic and I hate water.
      I drink diet soda all the time to feel “full” (the carbonation does the trick).
      The many times I’ve been in treatment for my eating disorder, I’ve been put on mandatory fluids *worst thing ever* or I’ve been tubed and they force water and calories into me (funnnnn….not)

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    • Plus, this was the case with me when I was anorexic, my stomach could only hold so much because I wasn’t used to eating, so I could eat my food or I could drink water, I couldn’t do both (physically, I couldn’t).


  2. I’d be an exception as well. I drink a lot to feel full and so I don’t keep eating. Maybe it depends on if you are restrictive AN or purging AN (I was diagnosed with both, how is that even possible LoL). Hope you are doing well.

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