Daily Archives: April 29, 2015

What it’s like to eat in treatment: Part 2


“Can you scrape your plate some more?”

“Can you take another spoonful of that yogurt?”

“Can you finish what’s left in this bowl?”

“Don’t stack your dishes.”

“Don’t tear your roll/brownie/cookie/etc.”

“Can you put your hands above the table, please?”

“Don’t put your napkin on your lap.”

“Take your jacket off before coming to the table.”

“Push up your sleeves, please.”

“Ten minutes left, everyone.”

“Five minutes left.”

“Two minutes left.”

“Can you come back to the table and finish your meal?”

“Can I check your mouth?”

“Can you swallow before leaving the table?”

“Do you want chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla boost?” (Tip: don’t pick strawberry.)


Three more days


I’ve been approved through Saturday, with another review Friday. I am hoping to only do PHP through Saturday and ┬ástart EIOP Monday.