What it’s like to get weighed in treatment


Each place does it a little differently, but here’s what it’s like at the current program I’m in.

I arrive early in the morning, before the other patients so I’m not seen. I try to finish as quickly as possible. I feel self-conscious, embarrassed. 

I drop my bag and jacket outside the bathroom. I go inside, grab the zippered bag with my name. It has a sheer hospital gown and paper booties. I grab the paper cup with my name and go into a stall to give my urine sample.

I change into my tissue-thin gown qnd step out of the stall, exposed to the world (or at least to the restroom). I give my cup of urine to a staff member and quickly go over to the scale. I do a jumping jack to make sure I’m not padding my weight with anything tucked between my legs or under my arms, then step onto the scale.

The display showing my weight is shielded from my view. The fact that staff knows my weight but I don’t kills me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I step off and rush back to my stall, trying not to be seen. I re-dress, wash my hands, and leave. One more day of weights down. I’m done until tomorrow.


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