What it’s like to eat in treatment


Every snack I have string cheese and 3 Carr’s whole wheat crackers. I’m too afraid to get anything else.

We have 20 minutes to eat snack.

Today, I looked at the time after finishing my string cheese. 10 minutes left. Plenty of time to eat 3 crackers. 

Finish first cracker, check time, r minutes left. Crap. It took me 6 minutes to eat one cracker. I have 4 minutes left to eat the other two.

Rush through cracker two. Check time. One minute to go. One cracker left. I don’t want  to boost. Panic

Ten seconds and half a cracker left. Super panic.

I actually ended up shoving the peft piece in my mouth just after time was up, but I think they were just happy I finished and didn’t have to boost and didn’t say anything. I walked away from snack with a mouthful of cookie.


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