Hospitalization: Part 7


A journal entry from my third night on the psychiatric wing.

Saturday is long and pretty boring. I was really down most of the day and was close to tears a lot. During my meeting with my counselor he talked about how I’m brave for being here. I found it hard to agree.

We talking about my bulimia and my history of sexual abuse and rape and he thinks I need to see a trauma specialist. He agreed with me that all the counselors have it backward — you can’t take away all my coping mechanisms and then get into the trauma. That’s when I freak out and get overwhelmed and attempt suicide and shut down.

I feel like things are finally starting to click here. I feel like these are the highest quality counselors I’ve ever worked with. And as strange as it seemed at first, I like having a new counselor every day. Each one provides fresh perspective.

Tonight’s also wants me to start overeaters anonymous for my bulimia. I didn’t know you could go to that for bulimia. I might give it a try.


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