Hospitalization: Part 3


A journal entry from my second night in the psychiatric unit.

Groups today were much better than last night and I got a lot out of them. However, I kept being pulled from groups to meet with different people like my psychiatrist and social worker.

I didn’t care for the psychiatrist at all, but I liked the nurse practitioner. the day got to the lowest when I met with my counselor. She was harsh and blunt and forward, but I got through more with her in half an hour than I have with other counselors in months. I also cried way more than I’m comfortable with, but I experienced a little high after, which is weird.

I suspect my new roommate may also be bulimic — she beats me to the bathroom after every meal. I was really uncomfortable having a roommate at first, but now I’m only mildly uncomfortable. I like her, which is a plus.

Earlier, one lady at lunch said, “This is so much food! How do they expect us to finish it??” Of course, after I had finished eating my tray. I wanted to say she was being triggering, but I didn’t.

Three people that seemed really interesting went home today so I didn’t get to know them. I’m glad, however, my roommate and I have many similar interests and hobbies.

I was “certified” today, meaning I’ve been admitted for 90 days. I about had a heart attack when I heard that, but they said I should be out of here in a week-ish.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I hear there’s nothing to do after 1:00pm. I hope I have a visitor. I also hope my dad brings my other book, clothes, and my slippers.

I took Ambien, so I hope I can sleep soon, and don’t get a visit from the Ambien walrus. I shall try now.


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