Mixed signals


So I got a message from the boy today.

The one I just broke up with because he doesn’t love me and was only in a relationship with me because he felt depressed not being in a relationship?

I feel like I have such a strong attachment to you that staying away from you is like pulling apart bonded hydrogen atoms in my heart.”



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  1. My teenage daughter had a similar experience with her ex recently. What she realized is that the fuckboy, as she calls him, has his own dependency issues, and that if he doesn’t get those figured out, he will never truly be able to have a relationship. She doesn’t talk to him anymore. I know it is hard, but if you can break off all contact with the boy, it could you both the ability to figure out what you really want/need in a relationship. And if it helps, just start referring to him as fuckboy, then it might be easier to see that he messed everything up, not you.

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