Eat This Much


I found this neat site called Eat This Much. You can tell it how many calories you want to eat over how many total meals during the day, and it will give you a meal plan for the day. You can edit what types of foods it will suggest, follow certain diets like vegetarian, paleo, etc, tell it how many (or what percentage) carbs, fats, and proteins you want, and more. It’s really quite a useful site.

There’s only one small problem.


How do I get three-quarters of the egg white and the yolk? I’m also not sure how to measure a quarter of a tablespoon.


How on earth am I supposed to measure 0.17 tablespoon, 0.17 cup, or 0.67 of an egg?


0.13 of everything?


0.04 of a cup? Then you have 0.17 of almost everything else.

I love this site in theory. I really want to be able to use it. However, I can’t find a way to make it give me measurements that make logic.

I thought the strange measurements might have been just because I was requesting an unrealistic amount of calories per day. However, when I switched to the standard 2000 calories, it didn’t help any.


Yes, it wants me to add 0.13 cup of low fat milk to this recipe.


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  1. .13 is an 8th of a cup just you know, for your reference. But they should def switch to fractions instead of decimals to make people actually understand. I looked at the site, but it seemed like it took too much setup to actually get a meal plan that I could cook from what I had in the house or what we normally buy/eat.


    • Thanks! I didn’t know that. I’m sure I could have done the conversion, but I have zero desire to convert all my measurements.

      I think the idea is more that you get meal plans and then purchase accordingly. If you subscribe, you can get weekly meal plans instead of just one day. But this is just speculation.


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