Daily Archives: September 5, 2014

Caffeine and laxatives


Now, don’t worry, I don’t have vodka or valium. I do, however, have caffeine pills and laxatives.

My laxatives came in yesterday and have been such a huge relief, both physically and mentally. I no longer feel like I’m carrying a 20-pound baby in my intestines. My caffeine pills came this afternoon. They’re 200 mg each.

For some perspective, a Rockstar, my favorite energy drink, has 160mg, Red Bull has 80mg. Starbucks coffees range anywhere from 90-225 per. (This is based on the Grande size–I don’t know which size that is.)

After I took one, I didn’t feel anything at all for about an hour. I considered taking another one, but I just started taking laxatives again yesterday and thought it best not to through a bunch of drugs into my body all at once.

After that hour, I got up to do some housework, and THEN I felt it. Apparently caffeine and alcohol both work the same for me: I don’t really feel it until I get up and move around a little. Then I really feel it.

Dizziness, shortness of breath, very aware of my heart rate. That’s how I felt for a while. It’s settled down now, I’m just very awake, which is good.

I got the caffeine pills for two reasons. First, I was hoping the caffeine would suppress my desire to binge and purge, as it sometimes does. Second, I’m having a really bad fibro flare up and part of that is extreme fatigue. I haven’t been able to do much recently, and I need to be able to do things like study and get out of the house. I’m hoping the caffeine pills will help.

I considered getting a cheap coffee maker, but with the coffee maker and then the coffee, it would be rather expensive. The pills are like $.09 a pill. Significantly more affordable.

I may try using the pills to stay up all tonight and tomorrow because I am on a completely nocturnal schedule right now and I want to get that fixed. We’ll see how I’m feeling in the morning.