A moment of sheer terror


I think my cat had a seizure. I was so scared I cried. I’m so worried for her. She’s my life and my baby. I can’t afford to take her to the vet. I feel like sucj a bad pet mother. I’m snuggling her, terrified she’s dying and there’s nothing I can do for her. 


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  1. That’s terrifying! Are you ok? How does she seem to be doing now? Are there any cheep clinics in your area? Can you call local places and ask if they can give you a discount because it’s an emergency? It might not work, but someone might have a heart and be willing to help you.

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  2. Seizures are not always life threatening. Remain calm, your cat can sense and absorb how you feel. Instead of a vet, call a cat shelter or sanctuary, and see if they can recommend someone to talk to you about what you observed. Many people who work with animals, like veterinary technicians or cat rescuers, have years of experience and really care. You might get some answers.
    Predators are very hardy creatures. Stay calm.

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