To be cured




The problem is, since all the issues with the treatment center, I don’t want to be cured. I want to show them. And showing them, in my mind, means getting to the point they have to take me seriously. 


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    • I know it sounds bad, but I’m afraid of switching to ednos. I was thinking about how I’ve been restricting again, but my body weight isn’t low enough to be classified as anorexic, and wouldn’t be for a while, so I was trying to remember how often the DSM V said you have to binge and purge to be classified as bulimic so I could keep the label. My disordered brain is stupid.


  1. And you must also have the insight to realise that you are unwell and need help. Insight being something that is, apparently, quite commonly missing in those who suffer from mental illness. I lived without that insight for a few decades before getting treatment.


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