I hate phone calls




I hate talking on the phone. I hate making and receiving calls. 

At the moment, I have to speak with my school advisor every week by phone to check in and make sure I’m maintaining progress. 

I hate it. I start dreading it the day before. I start having thoughts like, “Maybe I can ignore it. Maybe I’ll pretend it didn’t ring through. Maybe I can say my mom’s phone wasn’t working.” So on and so forth. 

Panic twists my stomach into the tightest of knots once the phone actually rings. Reluctantly I answer. 

When the call is over, I experience a flood of relief knowing that terrible task is done for one more week. 


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  1. I struggle with the SAME anxiety, to varying degrees! When I have an afternoon phone call I think about it all morning. Most of the time, when I get a voicemail, I put off listening to it for days, because I know once I listen I’ll probably have to call someone back! xo


  2. I am the exact same way!!! Even with friends and people I like phone calls make me anxious. I have no idea why. I had this conversation w my therapist a few months ago. Glad I’m not alone


  3. It is indeed a bummer when such common place situations trigger panic attacks. Arrrgh. Glad those days are (mostly) gone for me! Hope they get better for you!


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