Daily Archives: July 31, 2014

Search Engine Poetry



The search terms people used to find my blog made a short poem.

I bake cookies
I’d much rather
Eat all the food

You and me both. But only if I could eat it without gaining and without needing to purge.


My Skinny Dress


If only…

Today I wore one of my 2 “skinny dresses”. They’re the same dress in different colors. They’re tight on me. My mom says they’re not, but I feel they are, and I feel uncomfortable in them. That’s why I wore it. It was a constant reminder not to eat. That if I lose some of this weight, I will be comfortable in this dress. That if I don’t eat, this won’t be my skinny dress anymore, it’ll just be a dress.

Steamed cabbage


I loved steamed cabbage. I don’t like raw cabbage at all, but steam that stuff and I love it!

Today is my 200 calorie day. I’ve been trying to spread my calories out into two (or three on the 800 day) meals so I don’t feel like I’m binging, because that triggers me to get into a binge and purge cycle. Since I only have 200 calories today, and limited food resources, separating it into 2 meals is difficult.

Therefore, for my first meal, I had a couple cups of steamed cabbage. It’s like a warm, delicious salad without any of the stuff that adds calories. 44 calories. Woot!

While I was preparing it, my mom asked, “You measure your cabbage??”

Yes. How else will I know how many calories I’m eating? I didn’t say that. I just said yes, and went about making my cabbage.

I hate phone calls




I hate talking on the phone. I hate making and receiving calls. 

At the moment, I have to speak with my school advisor every week by phone to check in and make sure I’m maintaining progress. 

I hate it. I start dreading it the day before. I start having thoughts like, “Maybe I can ignore it. Maybe I’ll pretend it didn’t ring through. Maybe I can say my mom’s phone wasn’t working.” So on and so forth. 

Panic twists my stomach into the tightest of knots once the phone actually rings. Reluctantly I answer. 

When the call is over, I experience a flood of relief knowing that terrible task is done for one more week. 

To be cured




The problem is, since all the issues with the treatment center, I don’t want to be cured. I want to show them. And showing them, in my mind, means getting to the point they have to take me seriously.