The saddest day ever


I got up today and went to weigh myself, but every time I tried, my scale displayed “LO” instead, indicating the battery is dying.

I unscrewed the battery door to see if I had any of the batteries it takes, but I don’t. Sad, sad day. I’m rather distraught. I literally have no money right now, so no new battery for me.

If anyone wants to send me a new battery for my birthday (which is on Thursday) I wouldn’t complain. πŸ˜‰


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  1. I didn’t weigh myself this morning because I binged last night on 3 cookies and 4 chocolate squares and DIDN’T purge. I look like a whale. I am not sending you a battery for your birthday because it is not good for you. But I will wish you a happy, happy day my friend xo


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