Because, screw treatment


I got a call from the eating disorder center. They’re actually not going to admit me. at all.

So, they’ve basically just been leading me on and flat out lying to me for the last month.

I give up. I just do. Screw treatment. Screw recovery. Screw people who are supposed to help you but just lie to you. Who needs recovery anyway?


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  1. Aww I’m sorry! That sucks, I’ve been waiting to see a counsellor since march :/ hope you find someone to help soon; you dont deserve to go through this alone. Always here 🙂 xx


  2. I hate when we think that. When we think we are not sick enough for treatment. I struggle with the whole admitting I have an eating disorder to a new doc or someone I am getting treatment from because the first thing they say oh bulimia? Because I am not rail thin and it messes with my head. I am sorry that the center did this to you! It is hard enough to ask for help and then get slapped in the face! Who needs recovery? We all do ❤️and you are a very important part of that we. So don’t give up which I know easier said then done. Use that anger hurt and frustration to fuel finding another way for help. You deserve it not because of a number or a level of sickness! But simply because your heart is beating and YOUR LIFE MATTERS!!! Sending you hugs❤️❤️❤️


  3. Holy freaking crap. I had no idea you could be denied treatment. I’m so sorry. That SUCKS. Hang in there.
    I don’t know if you’ve tried just talk therapy yet, but has a database of psychologist that specialize in different disorders, and you can search those closest to you. Sorry if that’s an annoying thing to suggest, I know when I don’t ask for advice/help and people try to shove it onto me I get a little annoyed. 🙂


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