Something’s not right here



So, one edge of my…whatever this turns out to be (I’m guessing a scarf) is smooth and straight.



However, the other edge is jagged and irregular. I have no idea why, or what I’m doing wrong.

Anyone out there with knitting experience know what the problem is?

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  1. That is a super common problem for new knitters. I remember being frustrated with that. It’s caused by changing tension of the yarn – so how tight your stitches are. You’ll get better at it with time, there’s no quick fix. Just focus on not pulling the yarn too tight. Often your first attempts will have to be unwound and started over anyway.
    The peaceful thing about knitting is the process, not the end result. Keep trying!


  2. One thing that might help is to slip the first stitch at the beginning of every row. It helps to create a clean selvedge in garter stitch. Good luck!


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