Back home again


I’m so glad to finally be home. I had to stay longer than normal because I was really dehydrated and they wanted to give me extra fluids.

I was still quite nauseous when I left, so the nurse gave me extra vomit bags.

He called them “vomit dream catchers”. Tasty…

I still feel really sick, though considerably less dizzy. My goal for tonight is to drink water and not take more laxatives.

My doctor was really mad that the eating disorder center keeps pushing my admission date back. (Oh, yeah, I haven’t told you about that yet. I’m not starting PHP next week.) She called them, but the person I’ve been dealing with had already left for the day, so she left her a message saying that I need to be admitted as soon as possible and that she was sending me to the ER again and that they need to call her and explain what’s going on.

I love my doctor.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. Goodnight!

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